Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Month

   Our first month with Quinn flew by before I knew what happened.  Mostly it was a blur of nursing, burping, sleeping, picture taking then repeating.  Her little body wanted to do nothing but sleep the first few weeks and we spent many hours trying to get and keep her awake enough to get some milk in her, it was quite the challenge!  I felt so blessed to have my mom visiting and I wanted her to bestow all of her baby wisdom on me before she left.  She showed us different ways to hold and burp Quinn along with taking care of her so that we could get a little sleep.   She made it easy for us to enjoy our time with Quinn.  


    The first week we were home the doctors were worried about Quinn's jaundice levels and emphasized the importance of getting milk in her so she would gain weight. So we got creative.  We used some of my milk in this little tiny baby bottle so she could easily get the milk until she got the hang of things. I was a little concerned with her having a hard time nursing because we used this newborn bottle a couple of times but she  picked up nursing without major problems.

Princess Pose
I love this one, N A K E D bod

    Also I would like to note that my favorite piece of baby clothing for the first couple of weeks were these baby jammies that don't have snaps or buttons, instead the bottom is either an elastic or draw string. This makes diaper changes at night easier when I only had one eye open (pirate eye syndrome).  They are genius!


Grandma and Grandpa Sumsion with Quinn just
before they left for the airport.

   Grandma Cindy made Quinn the most adorable mobile for her crib. That's right, MADE!  The little owls are made out of teeny tiny baby socks and each one has a personality of its own.  We wanted to see how Quinn would look in her crib and mostly she looks small and adorable!  We have discovered that she sleeps like her cousin Margo in what JR has termed "touchdown position".

    At Quinn's two week checkup she weighted 8.4 lbs and was 21.25 inches long. 
She gained back up to her birth weight and a little extra, doing good!

Baby feet


   "I will say..." that taking photos of a one month old was waaayyy harder than I thought.  We didn't really get a good one but we got lots of her little size which I think is the main point?  Her ballerina doll from Aunt Mo is small so that will hopefully remind us later how itsy bitsy she was her first month. 


   I love this little girl  
She is dainty most of the time
Snorts occasionally like her mamma  
Makes adorable noises when she sleeps
 Sucks on our finger while she bathes
Smiles in her sleep after getting "milk drunk"
Can lay on our chest for hours without needing to move
Melts like butter in our arms when she falls asleep
Has a high pitch little cry
Smells like Heaven

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quinn as a Newborn


    My fantastic cousin Candace Lish took Quinn's newborn photos and she did an incredible job! I feel like every picture I want to frame. We spent the morning experimenting with wardrobe and various poses. My mom was visiting from California and is the Queen of props and costumes, she helped get Quinn all ready for her close up. I love this little girl and I am grateful to have beautiful pictures of her when she was froggy, tiny and oh so new.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Quinn

    Early in the wee hours of the morning on August 1, 2013 we had a little surprise. My water broke just shy of 5 am.  I remember during the pregnancy asking people, "what happens if your water breaks?" In summary most everyone's response was that it just doesn't happen so I wouldn't need to worry about it. Well the jokes on me because we were prepared and not prepared all at the same time.  Luckily I had a hospital bag mostly packed so Jared and I got ready and headed to the hospital a little after 7 am. After getting admitted my wonderful nurse got me all hooked up and ready for action. 

IV placed
 When I asked Jared to distract me he just looked at me and said, "hi."
Going to maybe work on options for distracting me for the next round. 

At 5 PM on the dot our little Quinn Elizabeth Later was born!

Jared's first moments with Quinn
So tiny!

7 pounds 15 ounce, 20.5 inches long
Brothers and Babies

Plethora of hospital bracelets 

                           First wardrobe change

                         Proud Dad
Happy Mom

Headed home!!

     What a blessing this sweet girl is to our home and lives. We are grateful for her safe arrival and the smiles she constantly brings to us. She was antsy to get here and definitely surprised us with her early arrival. As we strapped her in her car seat and clicked her into the car we both kept thinking how crazy it is she is here and that we get to finally take her home. Our home. She is ours forever and we couldn't be happier!